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The best physiotherapy in Manchester

Have you recently suffered an injury from a sport or fall? Have you recently had surgery and now need rehabilitation to get back to your life? 

At Total Sports Rehabilitation in Manchester we practice the highest standards in physiotherapy and have a full service gym and rehab center. We specialize in physiotherapy through one on one training, and full gym services. At Total Sports Rehabilitation we evaluate your condition, give you a full schedule of treatment, and then we help you get back on your feet and back to doing what you love. 

We come from the belief that high quality physiotherapy should not be denied to anyone, that’s why we have several services that do more than just help you get back on your feet, our services will help you stay on your feet through new habits in good health.  

Services that we offer in Manchester are:  

  • Private Training – we can train you one-on-one in our private gyms. Before long, the work that you do with our certified trainers will begin to show as you start to return to your normal life.  
  • Online Training – we believe that what you need to get better should not be denied to you. At Total Sports Rehabilitation Manchester we offer personal physiotherapy training online for those whose condition prevents them from being able to leave the house.  
  • Gait Analysis with Footscan -  at Total Sports Rehabilitation in Manchester, we use Gait Analysis with Footscan. Gait Analysis with Footscan measures the weight you place on your feet and it helps determine if you are walking and running with enough support.  
  • (IV)itamins -  at Total Sports Rehabilitation we have one of the top full service detox and vitamin boosters in Manchester. With intramuscular shots, you will energize and recharge your body quickly.  
  • Cupping – Through the use of suction, we can get muscle injuries on the fast track to healing so that you can get back to having full range of motion. 
  • Dry Needling – With the use of acupuncture needles, we can target a specific muscle and ease pain and spasms. 
  • Sports Massage – We offer soft tissue manipulation to soothe pain and help muscle injuries heal. 
  • Sports Specific Rehab – if your injury is due to playing sports, our sports rehab expert will know exactly what kind of treatment you need to get back on the field.  


Contact us today at Total Sports Rehabilitation in Manchester. We are the total package when it comes to all that you need to get better and get your body back to where it needs to be. Our trainers have thousands of hours of clinical experience and they are ready to help you feel better, pain free, and back to feeling yourself.