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What is physiotherapy services ?

Total Sports Rehabilitation in Manchester offers a variety of physiotherapy services to suit all of your needs while you are recovering from injury, surgery, or illness. Beyond the usual physiotherapy services to get you back on your feet, we also offer wellness services to keep you healthy and help you build new habits to remain in optimal health. At Total Sports Rehabilitation of Manchester, you will have access to a complete system of care that is unmatched anywhere else you find physiotherapy services.  

We have curated a top notch team and a program that targets your injury and fixes it. 

 Why choose us

Total Sports Rehabilitation stands out from the rest because we have a highly trained staff with thousands of hours of clinical experience. Our staff will help identify a plan that will target the area where you are in need of rehabilitation and create a program where you will be able to return to having capable use of the injured area of your body. Our team will ensure that you are always comfortable and your physiotherapy will be to your full potential. We will gently work with you during the times when you may need a bit of push to get to the next level of your recovery. No matter where you are on your journey, we will be by your side the entire way supporting you and getting you back to the full life you once led.  

Live life to the fullest

 At Total Sport Rehabilitation in Manchester, you will have a level of care that you won’t find anywhere else. We want to instill healthy habits and help you with a lifestyle change. Aside from physiotherapy, we also offer other health services. By using Gait Analysis with Footscan, we help you target any problems with your stance so that you can eliminate back pain from your life. Along with helping you find the perfect support for your needs, we also offer (IV)itamins. This service offers intramuscular injections that give you the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. The shots will help energize you for your recovery and after.