Injury treatment

Our treatment sessions consist of various methods choosing the best approach for your personal injury rehabilitation journey. These may include hands-on therapy sports massage techniques, dry needling, spinal and joint mobilization, cupping and exercise-based therapy.


Gait Analysis

Our foot scan gait analysis allows us to assess your foot position in standing, walking, and running. We can also use the system to correct your technique on exercises such as squatting, deadlifts, and functional movements. The data obtained from your analysis is then used to develop a personalized rehabilitation program and provide a prescriptive 3D printed orthotic where necessary.


Sports massage

Our team at TSR are well known for our sports massage. The team has a collective of over 20,000 hours of clinical experience. When it comes to sports massage, we know our stuff. Sports massage therapy consists of specific components designed to reduce injuries, alleviate inflammation, provide warm up for amateur and professional athletes, before, during, after, and within their training programs, and to prepare the athlete for peak performance.


Dry needling

Dry needling is an invasive procedure in which an acupuncture needle is inserted into a specific target soft tissue to improve or restore function or control pain. The introduction of a physical stimulus in the form of an acupuncture needle results in a healing process by relaxing the muscle spasm or trigger point.


Cupping therapy

At TSR we like to keep up to date with trends and treatment practices. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this ancient practice has numerous modern-day applications. At TSR we use a dry cupping method to stimulate blood flow to help reduce pain and inflammation and increase the relaxation of stressed and damaged tissues.